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Volunteer Opportunities

Questionnaire for Volunteers 2023

Do you want to volunteer for a one-time activity?

Do you want to volunteer for an ongoing activity? 

Would you be coming by yourself? 

      Or with a group of how many? 

                  What is your usual availability? 

Monday         from                til

Tuesday         from           

Wednesday     from                til

Thursday         from                til

Friday             from                til
Saturday         from                til


Sunday           from                til


Do you have skills and/or interest in the following areas? 

Landscape maintenance, i.e., pulling weeds; working soil; watering: 

Construction, i.e. rough carpentry such as fences 

Mechanics, i.e., equipment maintenance and repair 

Party hosting, i.e., children's birthday parties; corporate events 

Harvesting, i.e., picking green beans 

Quality control, i.e., sorting produce 

Farming, i.e., driving tractor and operating equipment 

Social media, i.e., Facebook and other communications


Promotions, i.e., Social media and others ways to "get the word out." 

General spiffing up and cleaning 

Customer relations, i.e., meet and greet, offer samples, give directions, answer questions 

Food preparation and recipe sharing

You are not making a commitment by completing this sheet. It is a guideline for me to enable a meshing of your interests and availability with the needs of the farm. Thank you for volunteering,

To Fill out Volunteer Form please use computer or tablet. Thank You.

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