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Field Trips

Summer Field Trip- June, July, August, September 

We are able to discuss and create specific educational field trips throughout the summer months that are best suited to the desires of your particular group.

During June, strawberries are ripe and ready for picking! Students will be involved in an educational discussion on the unique planting and growing cycle of strawberries, as well as interesting strawberry facts and features. Students will have the opportunity to explore our strawberry patch and pick their own delicious strawberries.

July through September brings tomatoes, green beans, peppers and some beautiful flowers to the farm! Booking during these months will give your students the opportunity to learn about how these things grow, what helps and harms their growth and get to take some home with them!

Cost: $8 per student

Chaperones are free!

October Field Trips

What's Included:

·Students will be given a hayride around the fields

·Students may pick their own pie pumpkin to take home


What else is there to do?:

o    Watch Tyranny as she roars and chomps pumpkins, causing chunks to rain from the sky!​

o    Straw Mountain

o    Train rides

o    Cornfield Maze

o    Petting farm animals

o    Playground, Track ride and tire mountain slide

o    Hamster Wheels


Available for an additional cost

o    Pony Rides​

o    Animal Feed

o    Face Painting

Scheduling Information coming soon!

Cost: $8 per student

Chaperones are free!

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